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Real Life Intrusion Syndrome

Life by Committee - Corey Ann Haydu



Can we call it that? When you start a book and you get that feeling like, "oh shit, this is sooooo good, but I can't keep going because I have all these other things that MUST happen, like, buy groceries for my family so they don't go hungry all week or wash clothes so I don't wear a barrel with straps, etc."


You have to stop yourself because you know you won't be able to, the deeper you go into it? Real Life Intrusion Syndrome, maybe?


Or there a better name for this?


And does this ever happen to you?


I'm teaching all next week so I need to organize my household game, straighten up my desk, wear actually presentable clothing in public, so there's no losing myself in Corey Ann Haydu's LIFE BY COMMITTEE until we're all eating uncooked pasta and I have hoot owls nesting in my hair, you know?