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Books Imported!

So all my titles from GoodReads got transferred! I dunno why I was such a ninny abt the process; it was fairly straightforward and the last reason why I didn't completely just block GoodReads and move over here.


I can't decide if I should take all the books I've read down over there, just to poke Amazon in the eye, though. Probably, they've already harvested the data and sacrificed it to their Algorithm God, though. 


I do have to leave the whole author page as is, though, so people can still find my books. Which is a bummer; I wish I could just pull it down completely but there are still readers there, so it's not fair to do so.


But I'm not going to be adding anything new over there in terms of books I'm reading and wanting to read, so: *sticks out tongue at Amazon additionally*


And when Perfectly Good White Boy releases, I don't know if I'll do a giveaway over there, either. 


If you have any experience with giveaways on BookLikes, give me a holler, okay?