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Library Displays FTW

Dropped into my local branch library, as I do about once or twice a week, to drop off books and pick up new ones I'd requested.


It's a very small branch, in the middle of a strip mall, next to a Dairy Queen, a Tea Source and a thrift store. What more could a person want, really?


Plus! One of the librarians there picked Sex & Violence as a book club selection for a teenager reading group! Isn't that cool? He said the girls wanted to talk about the violence and the boys wanted to talk about the sex. Or maybe I have it backwards. 




There's always a little display up and this time it's books on GLBTQ topics, in time for Pride. So of course, I sidled up and took a look, and wouldn't you know? Found a great little book of essays called "You Can Tell Just By Looking" And 20 Other Myths about LGBT Life and People.


Since I'm an Ally and working on book #3 which deals with sexual orientation as a central question for the main character, I nabbed this title. Can't get enough perspective on this topic, really.


Then! Saw this biography called Dreadful: The Short Life and Gay Times of John Horne Burns that also looked juicy. Nabbed that, too, for my vacation in 2 weeks.


The moral of this story: library displays are so important. Great for people who don't even realize they might be interested in a topic.